1500W Electric heater||شمعة كيزر

RECO SKU: 0422522037
1500W Electric heater||شمعة كيزر - Mega Hardware

1500W Electric heater||شمعة كيزر

RECO SKU: 0422522037
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The electric heating tube is a metal tube, along the tube in the center of the central axis of the spiral electric heating alloy wire (nickel chromium, iron chromium alloy) filled with the gap with a good insulation thermal conductivity of magnesia sand, Or ceramic seal. Electric heating tube is a special electrical components into electrical energy, because of its cheap, easy to use, easy installation, no pollution, is widely used in a variety of heating occasions, stainless steel heating tube life is very long, generally designed to use Life of more than 10,000 hours.

  Electric heater tubular heating element with thermostat
Body Material
T2 Copper;SUS304;SUS316L;SUS310S,and so on.
Pipe Size
Watt & Voltage
 Overall Dimensions
OEM, customized in drawing or samples
Electrical Performance
AC1500V/0.5mA.3S;DC500V 100MΩ;Leakage current<0.5mA
Surface Treatment
 Natural color bright, polish
Flange material
The weight of 1 1/4" copper flange is about 110g,1 1/4"SS flange.No serious leakage solder inside of flange
Paraller error of ends face and terminal 


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