OVEN GLASS||وعاء للفرن

LOCK&LOCK SKU: 8803733105545
OVEN GLASS||وعاء للفرن

OVEN GLASS||وعاء للفرن

LOCK&LOCK SKU: 8803733105545
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* Excellent airtightness with the 4-side locking system.
* Cooking in oven, or use it as bakeware (without lid).
* Salt and oxidation resistant.
* Microwave safe (without lid).
* From oven to table at once.
* Freezer to microwave at once.
* Stain and odour resistant.

Made of borosilicate glass which withstands high heat and sudden cooling. So it allows you to use it safely in the oven, microwave and dishwasher.

Use & Care
* Make sure there's no defects on the glass before use.
* The glass can crack or break on impact. They are very durable. However, need to be taken care of.
* Do not use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers, wash the glass in lukewarm water with a towel or soft mat.
* Do not twist or attempt to break the edge of container.
* Do not hit or scrub using spoon or any other hard material.
* Warn the children of the possible danger with the useage.
* Do not nest the container. It could damage the glass. Please keep the lid on when storing.

In Freezer
* Freezing the food could cause expansion in the volume and could cause damage. Please avoid storing frozen items. (Porridge, soup, stock, milk, juice, curry, sauce, etc.)
* Do not pack rice in the container to keep them in the freezer. (Keep some space between the food and the wall of container when storing)

Oven or Microwave
* Do not overheat empty container in microwave or even for long period of time. Glass could be very hot.
* Do not place frozen dishes directly in a hot oven.
* Do not clean the container with wet towels or place on wet surface when the glass is heated. Sudden change in temperature could damage the glass.
* Do not put in direct contact with a flame. It is the cause of damage and injury.
* Please use oven/kitchen glove when removing the glass container from oven or microwave. The surface of the glass container can be very hot.
* You may use in conventional ovens but NOT on the stovetop directly.
* When microwaving always vent lid by lifting from the rim enough to avoid excessive steam build-up, and possible injury.
* Follow microwave manufacturers recommendations when reheating food in Lock & lock containers. Remove lid or open enough to avoid dangerous steam build up.
* When microwaving frozen foods directly out of the freezer, always use appropriate microwave setting.
* Top rack dishwasher safe for plastic lids.

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