Rework Station Air Hot soldering || ماكينة لحام الكترونيةهوائية

Pro'sKit SKU: ss-969b

Rework Station Air Hot soldering || ماكينة لحام الكترونيةهوائية

Pro'sKit SKU: ss-969b
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Robot Dise & ntilde; or closed loop sensor that provides precise control the hot air temperature.
Robot flow air adjustment, high air volume and temperature.
Robot Dise & ntilde; or tuyere with built in sensor to get temperature in real time.
Drying process cooled Auto & aacute; Tico prolong life endurance.
Robot Estaci & Oacute; n de Housing PL & aacute; stica and compact design.
Robot Brushless very quiet with emisi & Oacute; n de ratio noise inferor a 45dB
Robot Welding safe QFP, PLCC, BGA and others hot sensitive components.
Robot Tambi & eacute; N V & aacute; Lido for apply in termorretr & aacute; ctiles, eliminaci & Oacute; n de viscosity, eliminaci & Oacute; n de lacquers and jobs from preheated.
Volume's air from 120L/min. (m & aacute; X.)

Type: Estaci & Oacute; N SMD
Alimentaci & Oacute; n: 220 V
Weight: 1,45Kg
Fuse: 250 V/10A
Display: Temperature LED
Tama & ntilde; or: 170x170x140mm
Power: 700 W
Noise level: <45dB
Temp. M & aacute; x: 450 °C
Temperature range: 100 ° ~ 450 °C

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