EURIPARE BA9 is a liquid II عامل ربط اس بي ار

EURIPARE BA9 is a liquid   II عامل ربط اس بي ار

EURIPARE BA9 is a liquid II عامل ربط اس بي ار

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EURIPARE BA9 is a liquid, water based styrenebutadiene polymer latex with high bonding characteristics. It is stable under wet alkaline conditions forming a reinforcing polymer matrix cementitious mix. Uses Bonding of new to old concrete, repair concretes, flooring mixes from screeding and patching, waterproof renders to tanks, filling/injection grouts, tiling and setting mortars to ANSI standards.


• Dramatically improves the adhesion/ bonding of cementitious mixes.

• Effective plasticizer giving increased workability and cohesion. Also allows reductions in water contents to improve durability and strength without loss of workability.

• Excellent waterproofing admixture which is alkali stable in cementitious admixtures.

• Reduces shrinkage and cracking in repair and screeding mixes. Good freeze/ thaw resistance.


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