Sami Bashiti Hardware Stores launches a new range of Power tools and Home Appliances

by Dana Bashiti

Sami Bashiti Hardware Stores in Jordan is a leading supplier of Hardware Items in Jordan.

Sami Bashiti Hardware Stores in Jordan has launched a new range of Tools, Power Tools, Cordless Tools, reciprocating saws, and Home appliances of high quality and offering one year warranty under its private label Mega Professional Power Tools & Mega Home Appliances. 

Mega Professional Power Tools™ has been well received in the local market, and is sold through a number of channels. The brand is marketed with the slogan “Definition of Power” indicating that the range can be used for professional end users and is not limited for do-it-yourselfers (DIY) use. Mega Professional Power Tools™ range currently has more than 80 different tools, and the range is growing. The brand is up to date with latest technologies such as the brushless technology and has a growing cordless range with lithium batteries.

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